From physics to dramatics and photography. This is the leap I took with 36 years as professor of physics in Mumbai  College.
 The endless possibilities of amazing scenes were right before my eyes, in the streets of Mumbai. Vibrant energetic,  dark  and brooding, joyous and ecstatic. These raw emotions in sights and sounds overwhelmed me.

 I began contributing news photographs, feature photographs and photo stories to several news papers some of  which  were the Times of India, Lokasatta and Maharashtra Times and Mid Day. This photojournalistic work also  included a  regular columns on photography in news papers like Mumbai Sakal, Lokasatta, Sunday Mid Day  Maharashtra  Times  for two years each.

 Exhibiting my work at various photographic salons in India and abroad and receiving awards and merit certificates did  not  satisfy me, completely. I decided to teach photography and pass on the joy of capturing images to others.  Lecturing in  photography and photojournalism in institutes like SNDT University, the Academy of Applied Art, Indian  Institute of  Photography, Bombay College of Journalism, Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, I interacted with students.  This exchange of  experiences and views enriched our lives.

 In 1992, I started the Satyam National Academy of Photography. Here I teach basics of Photography with an emphasis  on  photojournalism.

 Chhand Chayachirancha, a book on photography written in Marathi, won for me “the best book” award under  miscellaneous  category by the Konkan Marathi Sahitya Parihad in 2006.

 My father Gopinath owned a photo studio in Ratnagiri, a small town in Maharashtra. He Instilled this photography  culture in  me and today I consider myself an amateur photographer for it is the passion for the craft that rules.  Photography gives me  the thrill that nothing else can give